• PassionThe Passionate Life What are you passionate about? What lights your fire in life? Do you feel ALIVE? Are you tending your inner flame? Are you experiencing the passion you want in your intimate relationship?
  • Inspirationnspiration is the breath of life that sustains us. It is the air in our sails. Where do you find your inspiration? Ideas? Places? People? Books? What lifts you above the mundane concerns of life, expands your world view and fills you with hope? How is your creativity sparked and how are you expressing it?
  • ReplenishmentAre you taking care of your body and soul? Do you have a replenishing practice? Are you going to “the well” regularly, so that you don’t become depleted? Are you giving too much to others and not restoring yourself?
  • GroundingHow are you keeping it real? Have you built a foundation that will support your dreams? Are you actually inhabiting your body? Are you integrating your deepest values into your daily life?
  • DreamworkAre you ready to dive deep? Uncover your true essence and life purpose? If you have never worked with your dreams before, take the plunge and experience this profound source of healing, guidance and growth.
  • DreamworkChelsea’s approach to dreamwork integrates Jungian thought with her Inner Peace Treaty paradigm and Voice Dialogue techniques to help dreamers understand their inner self system, and tap this rich inner resource of wisdom and energy for use in waking life.
  • Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty Explore your inner cast of characters. Each of us has a set of personal archetypes that underlie all of our behaviors and decisions and write the script of our lives.
  • What is a  Luminous Woman?A woman becomes luminous when she begins to live by her own inner light. This light grows as she establishes a taproot into the creative power of her archetypal depths, giving her a quiet dynamism that emanates from the core of her being.
  • Personal RetreatsDeep transformation, healing work and life discernment. Individuals and couples have a 2-3 hour session each day for 2-5 days, staying at several choices of lodging in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.
  • The Dark FeminineAn exploration of the darker side of the feminine experience. In this envigorating workshop of confession and redemption, women get permission to tell the truth about their experiences with the Dark Queen, Jealous Wife, Catty Woman . . . . .
  • The Wisdom and Spirituality of the Medieval Female MysticsThe Wisdom and Spirituality of the Medieval Female Mystics, Hildegard of Bingen - Feather on the Breath of God, Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites
  • Fairy Tales & the Unconscious Scripts We LiveA keynote speech and retreat based on favorite fairy tales and the impact these stories have on both women and men’s lives in terms of our expectation of life, love and the pursuit of the happily ever after.
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    January 20-22, 2017

    Luminous Woman

    The Luminous Woman Weekend encompasses twenty years of discovery and work with women, supporting them to live into their deep wisdom, unique beauty, and archetypal power.

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    Individual Therapy, Dream Work, Couples Therapy and “Rekindle the Romance” Intensive Couple’s Retreat Chelsea has over twenty years of experience facilitating people in moving beyond the wounds of the past, transcending limiting life scripts, and living more vibrant and meaningful lives.


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    In 2014, I cut back my private practice in order to finish my upcoming book In Search of Aphrodite: Women Archetypes and Sex Therapy. 2015 has already been a year in which I am embracing more invitations to travel and to become a teacher of practitioners.








    21st Century Relationships:

    Conscious, Caring
    and Co-creative

    Chelsea is increasingly known for her work with couples. Relationships are our greatest teachers.  Good relationships help people develop their human potential, balancing the gifts and needs of two people in a collaborative, supportive journey.

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    One of the greatest joys of life..

    Extraordinary Sex Therapy

    chelsea wakefield sex therapistExtraordinary Sex Therapy – Join us for a continuing education offering for Sexuality Educators, Practitioners and Therapists: Dr. Gina Ogden has drawn together a stellar team of innovative sexuality practitioners covering a variety of relevant topics! I’ll be teaching on September 23rd related to how I practice as outlined in my upcoming book In Search of Aphrodite! For more information: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/extraordinary-sex-therapy-innovative-approaches-practical-applications-registration-14902405496





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    “A real gift to anyone interested in finding out more about the many selves that make up our Inner Cast of Characters. Clear, thoughtful, and lyrical, it guides the reader along the fascinating journey of self-discovery, providing support and practical suggestions along the way.”
    —Hal Stone, PhD and Sidra Stone, PhD, Creators of Voice Dialogue, authors of Embracing Our Selves; Embracing Your Inner Critic; Partnering; and The Shadow King.

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    Before we can “build better men”- men who can establish meaningful connection and bring their creative gifts to the world, we will need to address the culture of cruelty in which men are formed.


    I just finished a Luminous Woman workshop at the Summer Dream Conference where we were discussing the joyous, self-expressive role of dancing among women in middle eastern cultures.
    I love the film Sabah particularly for that reason, the wonderful, sensual dancing of the women in the family.