How are you keeping it real? Have you built a foundation that will support your dreams? Are you actually inhabiting your body? Are you integrating your deepest values into your daily life? How are you contributing your gifts of time, talent, money, and energy to heal the world?

We have all heard the expression that someone is so ‘heaven bound’ that they are no earthly good. For those of us who have discovered the wonders of the spiritual path, it can become easy to resent or ignore the ordinary parts and practicalities of life. Benedictine, Celtic, and Hildegard’s spirituality keep us grounded in the body and attending to the necessities of earthly life in a rhythmic and attentive cycle. We inhabit a body, the vehicle through which we go about doing the soul’s work. We need to be fed, sheltered, clothed, and kept healthy. Attending to the daily tasks and practicalities of life brings us back to earth, to the present, to “humus”, or humility, and keeps us grounded.

Inhabiting the body includes a healthy sexuality. Have you integrated your sexuality with your spirituality, or do you still live with a split between these two realms?

How do you ground yourself in your life? How do you keep it real?

Are you caring for the body by eating good foods, getting adequate sleep, and engaging in regular exercise?

Are you actually IN your body? When you check in with your body, do you sometimes have the sensation that you are occupying it from the neck up? What practices help you to occupy the whole body, all the way down to your feet? People who are not in their bodies have more frequent accidents, and bump into things a lot.

Try beginning a practice of breathing. Belly breathing, deep, full, slow, in and out…often during the day.

Do you appreciate your five senses and your sensuality? Have you healed any wounds of the body, heart, and spirit related to abuse? Have you integrated your spirituality with your sexuality or are you still living with a split between body and soul?

Are you living in a manner where you are attending to and able to manage the practical needs and details of your earthly life?

How are your basic life skills: communication, conflict resolution, interpersonal, anxiety management, and emotional intelligence?

Are you being honest with yourself about your financial, emotional, spiritual and physical resources? Are you living within your means in each of these areas? Are you managing your resources well? If not- how might you rearrange your life to do so?

Have you developed a good friendship network and a support system that includes a professional helping team? Do you nourish and invest in your friendships?

How are your deepest values aligned with the different domains of your life? Do you have areas of your life that are split off, that don’t match up? Are you living in contradiction with yourself? What are you doing to heal that split and align your life with your deepest truth?

How are you giving back into the world? What are the gifts that you have that meet your community or the world’s greatest needs and can be contributed in a way that brings you great satisfaction?

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