Are you taking care of your body and soul? Do you have a replenishing practice? Are you going to “the well” regularly, so that you don’t become depleted? Are you giving too much to others and not restoring yourself?

Periods of Rest and Replenishment are crucial to the ongoing expression of our callings.  Any time you extend yourself, you need a period of rest and replenishment. When we don’t replenish, eventually we spend down our reserves and lose our resiliency. We need to honor and protect Sabbath time in our lives, a time in which we recover and replenish our reserves.

During time of spiritual replenishment we can plumb the depths of ourselves and let messages from our deeper Self bubble up to the surface.  Our spiritual capacities diminish when we do not regularly access our connection to our Higher Source, and evaluate our outer lives in terms of our inner leading.  Water is a symbol of replenishment, of intuition, of fluidity.

How are you in touch with your depths?  Are you listening and then responding to the way that the streams of living water are moving through your life?

How and where do you hear “the voice of God?

How does the Divine get your attention?

Do you water your inner life regularly with some form of quietude or spiritual practice?

Is the current of your inner life leading you to change directions in your outer life? Are you clinging to the banks of a familiar shore because you fear where the current is carrying you?

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