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Chelsea Wakefield MSW, LCSW is a Jungian oriented psychotherapist, dream worker, workshop and retreat leader who works with individuals, couples and groups. She has spent twenty years facilitating people in moving beyond the wounds of the past, accessing their archetypal potential and living more vibrant and meaningful lives. Chelsea draws from a depth of training in clinical and transpersonal methods and helps people integrate the insights of personal work into daily living. She has a passion for supporting women in developing their luminous potential.

During graduate school, Chelsea encountered the work of Carl Jung and felt an immediately affinity with his intersection of psychology and spirituality. She became deeply interested in the world of dreams and archetypes and has continued her studies in Jungian psychology since that time. Jungian theory underlies her clinical practice.

In 1996, she created a process called Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty™ (see programs). This workshop and method of inner work has changed the lives of many people previously at war with themselves. The book, by the same title, is scheduled for publication in 2010.

Since 1989, Chelsea has worked in hospitals, business settings, and community mental health agencies. She is currently in private practice. Her has clinical training includes Re-decision Therapy, Pesso-Boyden Psychomotor Technique, Marriage and Family Therapy, Coaching, Voice Dialogue, DBT and Mindfulness Psychotherapies, Trauma Interventions, Energy Psychology, and Human Sexuality.

Interdynamic Family Therapy™ is an educational program she developed with Carmon McGee, LCSW that helps parents of children with a challenging mental health diagnosis to parent with competence and confidence.

The Luminous Woman™ Weekend (see programs) encompasses twenty years of discovery and work with women, supporting them to live into their deep wisdom, unique beauty, and archetypal power. Graduates can stay connected to this growing community through Reunion Weekends.

Chelsea is a popular keynote speaker and a member of the 1993 Toastmaster’s Hall of Fame as an international finalist for Inspirational Speeches. She is on the staff of two spiritual direction programs and has been part of the faculty at the Haden Institute since 2000, where she teaches in the Spiritual Direction and Dream Leader Training programs.

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