What is a Luminous Woman™?

A woman becomes luminous when she begins to live by her own inner light.  This light grows as she establishes a taproot into the creative power of her archetypal depths, giving her a quiet dynamism that emanates from the core of her being.  As she listens to the voice of her soul and tends her inner flame, she becomes aware of her own particular passions and discovers the gifts and strengths that will open the path for their expression.

luminous women

The luminous woman cultivates a core of peace and self awareness.  She rests confidently in her own original essence and therefore she can genuinely appreciate the gifts and beauty of others without the sense that they diminish her in some way.  She does not live life comparing herself to others and thereby avoids the pitfalls of competition and envy. Because her sense of worth is not dependant on the positive feedback of others, she knows her needs and wants and has her own opinions and positions on life.  She can take a stand for her own truth regardless of whether others understand, agree with, or approve of her.  A luminous woman has archetypal fluency, able to inhabit, speak, and act from many places in the psyche.  She is not trapped by narrow definitions of herself.  Her depths inform her that she is much more than her titles, social standing, appearance, talents, roles or history.   She does not shrink from life and the challenges that life brings.  She embraces her destiny as it unfolds.

The luminous woman is not afraid of her own shadow.  She recognizes that we all have dark impulses and emotions and that this energy can be transformed into fuel for living a rich, creative and purposeful life.  The luminous woman has made peace with her past.  She celebrates the uniqueness of her story and how every experience has brought her to the place where she stands today.  She is not overly identified with her wounds.  She has gathered their gold, learned the lessons and moved on.  She is not shame bound.  Because she is anchored in her depths, she walks through the dark passages of life letting go of what needs to be released, experiencing suffering as a necessary part of transformation and moving through life’s challenges with an increasing sense of trust in the process.  Over the years her experience with the many cycles of life, death and rebirth deepen her sense of trust in the transcendent power which orchestrates all of life.  This growing trust prepares her to relinquish the body with courage and grace in the final passage of death.

The luminous woman balances connection and independence.  She loves deeply, but with an open hand.  She loves from a place of fullness rather than emptiness and shares her fullness with others. She experiences her own depths as her primary source of fulfillment and is not afraid of solitude.  She does not sell her soul for the promise of safety, love, approval or security.  She can chose to pour herself out and give of herself deeply, but knows when she needs replenishment and goes to the well when she needs it.   She does not cling to childhood illusions or demand that those in her life live according to her script.  She allows those she loves (children, friends, lovers, and husbands) to grow and change as their own journeys evolve.  She lives with courage and integrity.

The luminous woman knows her value.  She is well bounded and able to set limits with those who do not respect or appreciate her value.  In tune with herself, she knows her needs and wants and can state them clearly.  The luminous woman is in touch with her vulnerability and knows how to protect herself when those around her will not.  She is free to say yes and no to the requests of others.  When people, positions, and situations no longer serve her soul’s journey she can relinquish them and move on.  The luminous woman sees and accepts people as they are and this clarity of vision gives her wisdom in her choice of relationships.  Because she is listening to her inner leading and not clinging to childhood illusions she can recognize harmful and exploitive people and situations, and decline the invitation to become prey.  Her clarity of vision allows her to partner and form loving bonds and working alliances with others who share her deeper values.

The luminous woman remains sensually embodied throughout her life enjoying the sights, smells, sounds, tastes and sensations of life on earth.  The energy of eternal spring and the bounty of summer is experienced and expressed in all her creative endeavors, whether they be in the kitchen, garden, art, lovemaking, or in a passionate commitment to a chosen life work.  The luminous woman inhabits, enjoys, and cares for her body with appreciation all the days of her life.  She relinquishes her attachment to the body of her youth as the years pass and grows more deeply beautiful with age because she has cultivated her depths and continues to experience the greening power of the soul.

A woman is luminous whenever she is aglow with a sense of meaning and connection, passion and deep feeling.  She can appreciate the fresh beauty and energy of the young women around her as they blossom and become aware of their presence, power and sense of self.  The presence, power and wisdom that emanate from her make her a “super model” for younger women.  Aphrodite’s sparkle is with her at all ages.  It warms and inspires others to live a little more passionately, take more chances, and open to life.  Lucky is the young woman who has a luminous woman in her life as a mentor on the great journey.

The Luminous Woman is an archetype of the feminine.  She dwells in women of all ages but we celebrate her most assuredly in our cherished elders, guardians and crones.  Because she is an ideal, we will not always embody her energy, but we can invite her and cultivate her at any time.  We all want the beauty, depth, courage and confidence of the Luminous Woman.  Every woman can be a luminous woman because every woman can cultivate her connection to her archetypal depths.  Her light can never be extinguished.  Any woman can be a luminous woman.

2009 Chelsea Wakefield The Luminous Woman

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