Life and Death

Life and Death
By Nancy Nachman

When I was young I used to dream
That I was behind stage in a play which was going on
But I had no script, and didn’t know when I was to enter
Nor did I know my lines.
I wandered around, trying to find a script, anxious and fearful.

In a restaurant I told this to an aspiring actor.
He said actors dreamed this all the time, but that
He had never met a non-actor who did.

Ah, but “all the world’s a stage.”
It’s LIFE I felt unprepared for.

I am now an age that a newspaper would describe as
And I sometimes dream a different dream.

I am in school and very busy.
But there’s this class I haven’t been attending.
I don’t even know when it meets.
Sometimes it’s math, sometimes it’s a literature class,
Where a tome I should have been reading is due for an exam.

“Time’s winged chariot hurrying near.”
I wake and realize it’s DEATH and I haven’t prepared for.

I want to know my soul and face death with peace.
Not trying to claw my way out, so help me god.

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