The Circle

Here is a wonderful poem written by Sandy Brown and posted with her permission.  Sandy is a member of a women’s circles in my life which carried me through a time of significant transition.  This circle was started by Sandra Smith through .  Sandra has created a lot of events over the years for women to gather and share deeply.       

The Circle

by Sandy Brown, March 2010

We sit in the timeless shape of a circle

Each woman able to see all the others

By turning an eye, a slight shift of the head

This way or that

But seeing is not our purpose here

It is listening that we have come 

To give, one to the other,

An open ear and open heart

The early stories, like new wine,

Flow easily from mouth to ear

Only hinting of the flavors

That the passage of time can produce

But now we sit planted deep

And our stories, like old wine,

Mature, deep, complex

Too heavy for light conversation

Must be sipped, considered and savored

We women of the circle, of the stories,

Are ourselves an aged varietal

Ripened under one sun in scattered soils

Blended together, turned and tended,

Creating a nourishing elixir of exquisite flavor

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