Film Revue: “Who Does She Think She Is?”

Here is a documentary film recommendation for any woman who has wrestled with staying connected to her personal creative fire while trying to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of being a mother.  How we balance these two intense loves, both of which compete for our time and attention, is an ongoing struggle.  Who Does She Think She Is tells the story of five women who are trying to be both serious artists and devoted mothers.  It looks at their struggle in a very honest and profound way.  The stories are inspiring and heart wrenching.  The artwork is amazing. 
We need to remember that almost all of the great men of history had women cooking for them, doing their laundry, running their errands, making love to them and mothering the children born from that love.  The women in their lives relinquished their own intellectual and creative endeavors to make it possible for those men to have uninterrupted time to organize great thoughts and creative profound works of art.  Some of them, as Femme Inspiritrices may have inspired the paintings, musical compositions or poems, but they did not paint, compose or write themselves.  This is not to say that inspiring a man to greatness is a small thing, or that cooking or homemaking or raising children is not creative.  However, many of these women had larger works of creativity in them, that were never realized because their lives were devoted to caretaking.  I have seen more than one woman relinquish her creative or intellectual brilliance because it threatened or diverted attention from the man she loved and she was afraid she might lose him.  The women in this film inspire us as they struggle with all of that.  They do not take it lightly.  Tears are shed as they courageously carry on.       
Today, women are trailblazing through a terrain where there are no paths.  As the woman in the film says, we are often alone in our pursuit, we can hear the howling of the wolves, but for those of us who are creative, we know we must create or shrivel up and die….our inner flame will simply go out.  We talk about the Inner Flame a lot in the Luminous Woman Weekends  Honoring and protecting that place of personal passion, that thing in life that lights you up and makes you alive.   I was recently with Gina Ogden, who was taking us on a drumming journey to meet the “Keeper of the Flame” who would reveal to us what we needed to nurture our creativity and keep our inner fire burning.  Women making art and supporting other women’s art is important, whether it be writing, poetry, painting, weaving, composing, film making, photography, cooking, acting, dancing, producing.  Check out the film:

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