Gloria Steinem- still Luminous at 78

Gloria Steinem- still Luminous at 78!

It was thrilling to attend the Power of the Purse event in Asheville North Carolina on Monday May 21st, 2012.  This past Monday, I had the opportunity to meet Gloria in person and have a brief private conversation with her.  I remembered meeting her 26 years ago when I was working in NY City for Northern Telecom. We installed the telephone system at MS magazine and she was there, working side by side with the staff, diligently typing, talking, and generating life changing content for the magazine. It was around that time she was saying, “This is what 50 looks like.”  I am now a woman over 50, and as I look at her, still vibrant and intelligent, I have to say, “YES!  That’s what I want 78 to look like!”

Gloria inspired us to:

–        Keep our eyes on the big picture and remember that important paradigm changes take as much as 100 years to be absorbed by the culture.  We are not that far away from the time when women were viewed as men’s “property.” At that time, not only were we not allowed  to, we were not considered capable of making decisions for their own lives.

–        We need to continue to raise consciousness by educating people. Great “Warrior Women” in today’s world fight with information and strategy, generated by our intelligent minds. We do not need to be negative or disparaging like some in the recent media.  We can bypass emotional bait that gets thrown our way and stay focused on the important issues.

–        If you are an “older” woman who has worked hard for equal rights, forget about the younger generation being grateful for the footwork you have done.  We got the point when Gloria said that she did not grow up saying, “Thanks for the Vote.”   While gratitude for the wonders of life is an important spiritual concept, we can each find something that we are “ungrateful” for and work for change in that arena.

–        It is VERY important that we stay in connection and encourage each other.

–        Change grows like a tree.  It does not happen from the top down, it happens from the roots up.

–        Remember that everything you do matters, and behave accordingly!

Thank You Gloria, for being a beautiful example of a Luminous Woman! 

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