Luminous Woman

The Luminous Woman Weekend 

encompasses twenty years of discovery and work with women, supporting them to live into their deep wisdom, unique beauty, and archetypal power.

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February 23-25,  2018:

The Luminous Woman® Weekend

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Experience the power of personal archetypes, understand your unique feminine essence, transcend inner conflicts, and let your inner light shine.
$350 per person, double occupancy. Includes lodging and all meals.
Nonrefundable Deposit of $100 due at registration. Balance due by January 15, 2018.

Led by Chelsea Wakefield, Ph.D., L.C.S.W., a Jungian psychotherapist, seasoned retreat leader, and faculty member of the Haden Institute, where she teaches about dreamwork and personal archetypes. She wrote Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty: Becoming the Person You Were Born to Be. Her latest book is In Search of Aphrodite: Women, Archetypes and Sex Therapy.

A woman becomes luminous when she begins to live by her own inner light. This light grows asshe establishes a taproot into the creative powerof her archetypal depths, giving her a quiet dynamism that emanates from the core of her being.
Today women are becoming cartographers of their inner journey, redefining themselves in new ways. The Luminous Woman® Weekend is atime where women can map their own experience
and explore the many archetypes of the feminine, familiar and not so familiar.

We will listen each other into life, bearing witness to valiant struggles, deep longings, and each woman’s unique beauty. We will experience being more sensually embodied and present in each moment,
integrating heart, mind, body and soul. Through sharing, music, poetry, dialogue, journaling, movement and ceremony we will cross a threshold into a new way of being.

We will talk about places where women get stuck, identify how these quagmires have played out in our own lives. Sometimes a life that made sense in years past just doesn’t seem to work anymore but we don’t know what to do instead.

We will talk about fear, betrayal and loss and how love and relationships can be our greatest teachers. We will change our relationship to the dark places in our psyches that cause us so much fear and pain, and release stuck energy around past experiences that have defined or constrained us.

We will connect with the places inside where wisdom, strength, fullness, and power reside and create a touchstone for returning there regularly.

We will support each other in our commitment to “return to the sea” for replenishment and to tend the hearth of our inner fire.

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