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Chelsea has over twenty years of experience facilitating people in moving beyond the wounds of the past, transcending limiting life scripts, and living more vibrant and meaningful lives.






Chelsea has over twenty years of experience facilitating people in moving beyond the wounds of the past, transcending limiting life scripts, and living more vibrant and meaningful lives.  She works with depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, grief, loss and difficult life transitions, relationship issues and sexuality concerns.  Her therapeutic approach is based on the best of psychodynamic theory, Jungian psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, Pesso-Boyden psychomotor, Voice Dialogue,  and parts psychology.



21st Century Relationships: Conscious, Caring and Co-creative.

Chelsea is increasingly known for her work with couples.  Relationships are our greatest teachers.  Good relationships help people develop their human potential, balancing the gifts and needs of two people in a collaborative, supportive journey.  All couples go through a phase of disillusionment, where they discover their partner’s weaknesses and imperfections- the real deal behind their idealized “projections.”  The conflicts that results from people trying to get their partner to be who they want them to be is painful.

How a couple navigates disillusionment will determine whether the relationship deepens and thrives or whether they stay stuck in power struggles, resentment, chronic fighting, emotional and sexual disconnection, silent truces and ultimately separate lives.  Attractions happen, but they don’t need to result in an affair. Relationships CAN recover from infidelity with explorations of the how and why, healing, reconnection, and the re-creation of a new relationship.

The responsibilities of parenting and the problems of life can severely stress a relationship, resulting in defensive disconnection and extinguishing the once vital flame of love.  Relationships can be rebuilt and passion can be rekindled.

We are in the 21st Century, we can build relationships that are conscious, caring and co-creative.


Personal Growth and Individuation

Defining the Purpose of Your Relationship and Creating a Mutual Vision

Healing the Attachment Wounds of Childhood

Let’s try something with more creative potential than: Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness and Stonewalling

Intimacy means revealing yourself in ways that really matter

True understanding and acceptance- learning to live with differences

Deep, meaningful communication and learning relationship repair skills

Sexual desire and style- negotiating a meaningful sexuality

Affair recovery- Healing and Recreating your relationship.

Conscious Separations and Cooperative Divorce

Parenting  and Blended Families.  Whew! Let’s talk about styles, skills and strategies for growing great kids and creating a “family team.”

Retirement can be hard on couples and requires adjustment. Let me help you create a new vision for your relationship.


Chelsea has been on the faculty of the Haden Institute Dream Leader training program since 2000, where she teaches about dream work, shadow work, and how to identify and work with personal archetypes.  Dreams give us deep information about ourselves, in the language of symbol and archetypal energy.  Dreams teach us about our purpose, calling, spirituality, gifts, and areas of necessary growth, healing and integration.  Chelsea’s approach to dream work and archetypal studies is outlined in her bookNegotiating the Inner Peace Treaty (Balboa Press).


Come for a private couple’s retreat in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains – near Asheville, NC

romantictips_fullsize_story1Time can dim the fires of love and put static on the lines of connection.  Parental roles and life responsibilities can crowd out the unhurried pleasure you enjoyed in your early days.  Collected hurts and disillusionments can shut down desire and deep feeling. If you long for the sparkle you once had, come for a Rekindle the Romance Retreat.  If  you’ve never really experienced the intimacy and pleasure you  longed for, come and learn about your sensual potential.  If you are an empty nester, come and rediscover each other and redefine your relationship based on who you are now.  If you are an older couple experiencing changes in your sexual functioning, come and learn how later life intimacy and sexuality can be the best time of your life.

Contact Chelsea about a customized couple’s retreat or an intensive weekend.

Retreats– Stay in one of our romantic B&Bs, meet with Chelsea each day for a 2-3 hour couple’s counseling session in the morning or afternoon and spend the rest of your time exploring the area’s art galleries, antique shops, local music, and many wonderful restaurants.  Visit the Shoji spa and sit in a hot-tub overlooking Asheville or enjoying a couples massage.  If you like the outdoors we have exquisite hiking to amazing waterfalls and mountain vistas as well as some of the country’s best mountain biking.  Enjoy a visit to the fabulous Biltmore Mansion and gardens.  Rest and spend some time in bed rediscovering connection and pleasure.

Couples Intensives– If you want to really transform you relationship, considering taking a deep dive into a couples intensive.  Fly in on a Thursday and engage in a deep connection and relationship recalibration process beginning on Friday and ending on Monday at 1 PM.  This schedule usually involves two sessions a day of 2-3 hours in length with things to reflect on in the evenings and can encompass about 20- 22 hours of therapy.  Couples come out of this “deep dive” with considerable results in terms of renewed love and sense of hope about their relationship.  Deeper understanding of problems and negative dynamics that have plagued them.  Long-standing hurts and recent betrayals of trust can be resolved. Skills and strategies for avoiding the inevitable triggers and tangles that once felt so overwhelming.  Contact Chelsea at 828- 606-9469 or


One of the greatest joys of life is experiencing a satisfying, life-giving sexuality.  Unfortunately, this is also an area of much confusion, fear, shame, and struggle.  “Sex Therapy” is a clinical, clothing on, talk therapythat provides individuals and couples a chance to talk about this intimate area of their lives.  It involves an assessment of sexual history and formation, relationship and communication dynamics, sexual education and solutions and suggestions for solving a variety of sexual problems.  Chelsea provides a safe, confidential space to explore issues of intimacy and desire, sexual scripts, needs, wants, sexual dysfunction, meaning, and expectations.  In the process client’s learn to define their unique sexual template, how they can convey this to a partner and develop a meaningful sexual relationship.   She offers education, coaching and medical referrals when needed.  Chelsea’s PhD focused on human sexuality and she developed a new treatment model for resolving problems of desire in women, working from an archetypal and inner-self-system perspective.   She works with individuals and couples of every sexual identity and relationship stage and configuration.


Yes, Chelsea is available to work with individuals and couples by phone or video conference platform to do relationship coaching work, individual process work, and Jungian oriented soul-work.



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