Meet Chelsea


Chelsea Wakefield, PhD, LCSW is a Jungian oriented psychotherapist, couples therapist, dream worker, workshop and retreat leader who works with individuals, couples and groups. She has spent twenty five years facilitating people in moving beyond the wounds of the past, accessing their archetypal potential and living more vibrant and meaningful lives. Chelsea draws from a depth of training in clinical and transpersonal methods, helping people to integrate the insights of inner work into daily living.  She has a passion for supporting women in developing their luminous potential.

During graduate school, Chelsea encountered the work of Carl Jung and felt an immediately affinity with his intersection of psychology and spirituality.  She became deeply interested in the world of dreams and archetypes and has continued her studies in Jungian psychology since that time.  Jungian theory underlies her clinical practice.

She has published two books: Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty(see programs), which outlines a method of inner work that helps people name and get to know their “inner cast of characters,” and to resolve the inevitable and sometimes befuddling conflicts between these “inner selves.” Resolving these inner conflicts frees up life energy which can now be used to achieve one’s fullest potential.

In Search of Aphrodite: Women, Archetypes and Sex Therapy was published in November of 2015 and builds on the work of Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty, helping women to understand their unique sexual essence, and to navigate the treacherous waters of cultural messages to become Self-defined, sexually empowered women, whose sexuality brings both meaning and pleasure.

The Luminous Woman™ Weekend (see programs) is a women’s weekend that encompasses her twenty years of discovery and work with women.  In circle of supportive others, women explore different aspects of being a woman, looking at their personal archetypal profile, identifying their unique beauty, accessing their deep wisdom and archetypal power.

Chelsea is a popular keynote speaker and is can be booked to come to your location to present on topics of interest.  She has been part of the faculty of the Haden Institute since 2000, where she teaches in the Spiritual Direction and Dream Leader Training programs.  In 2015, she accepted the position of director of the Rowe Certificate Program in Spiritual Guidance where she designs curriculum, teaches, reviews applications for admissions, hires additional faculty, and oversees a 2-year program.  For more information about this program- go to


Chelsea believes that people are fundamentally creative, resourceful and whole. Childhood experiences and adult traumas can inhibit the full expression of a person’s vibrant engagement with life. Goals which are not tied to passion and purpose are empty accomplishments. Deep work is important for everyone. None of us got through our early years without some limiting messages and experiences that cause us to shrink back from life and limit our own potential.  What is important is to clear the path of the brambles that prevent us from accessing own intuitive wisdom and natural strengths.

She often plays the role of guide and companion in the lives of clients and seekers who are trying to discover a sense of passion and purpose.  She supports a client in developing new frames of thinking and relating, emotional intelligence, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and other essential life skills.  Dream work is one of the fastest means of accessing a person’s deep truth and directing a life from a center of personal truth that can hold.

The time we invest in healing wounds of the past, rewriting limiting life scripts, and becoming more conscious help us to make more responsible, respectful choices in life.  Our level of consciousness and presence benefits everyone around us, life partners, friends, co-workers, community and ultimately our world.

Deep change requires a redefinition of self at the core level and is generally accompanied by significant anxiety. People in the process of change also experience resistance from people in their lives who are accustomed to them behaving and responding in predictable old ways. This systems adjustment needs to be addressed in order for change to be lived out, and become stable and permanent. Chelsea teaches clients interpersonal and self-soothing skills to help navigate these stormy passages.


When a person has resolved most of their core issues, but still seeking a companion on the inner journey, this is called spiritual companioning or guidance.   Chelsea has done this work for many  years, providing a safe, compassionate space for exploring one’s personal understanding and connection with the transcendent, sorting through spiritual shadow and the discerning spiritual and vocational callings.   Her work in this area has led her to become the director of a Rowe Certificate Program in Spiritual Guidance, where she helps others to develop the capacities necessary to do this kind of work.