Dreamwork and the Journey of Individuation

w Dreamwork and the Journey of Individuation
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In person and by phone. Are you ready to dive deep? Uncover your true essence and life purpose? Heal the past and re-story your life? If you have never worked with your dreams before, take the plunge and experience this profound source of healing, guidance and growth. Chelsea is a licensed clinical social worker, graduate and faculty member of the Haden Institute Dream Leader Program. She has studied methods of dreamwork with some of leading dreamwork experts in the country including Jeremy Taylor, Robert Hoss, Joyce Rockwood Hudson, Robbie Bosnak, Hal Stone and several other Jungian analysts.

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Chelsea’s approach to dreamwork integrates Jungian thought with her Inner Peace Treaty paradigm and Voice Dialogue techniques to help dreamers understand their inner self system, and tap this rich inner resource of wisdom and energy for use in waking life.

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Contact her regarding your interest and needs and she can custom tailor a program for you.

The exercises in which people identify and define their inner characters (archetypes), and define their characteristics and agendas are have been used with great success in both marriage counseling and in cooperative team building. This involves looking a how your inner characters interact with the inner characters of your partner or coworkers.

A popular application of Peace Treaty work has been in church settings has been to look at Spiritual Shadow in a workshop called Dialoguing with Our Darkness. Often used as a Lenten Retreat, but applicable any time of the year. This program explores and addresses the underlying needs and agendas of inner characters that drive us into some of the darkest and most shame inducing behaviors. Reframing the seven deadly sins, looking into the nature of compulsion and addiction and discovering the gold in these shadowy realms is just the beginning. People experience this workshop as transformative and profoundly healing, especially if they have decided that God could not possible love as hopeless a wretch as them.

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Dialoguing with our Darkness, sometimes called Spirituality and Whole Life Integration, Sometimes Called the Wisdom of Hildegard of Bingen- Passion, Inspiration, Replenishement, Grounding.


The Luminous Woman- A threshold weekend for women ready to live from their deep wisdom, unique beauty and archetypal power.