Fairy Tales and the Unconscious Scripts We Live

A  keynote speech and retreat based on favorite fairy tales and the impact these stories have on both women and men’s lives in terms of our expectation of life, love and the pursuit of the happily ever after.

My favorite Fairy Tale growing up was Cinderella.  I was very shy in gradeschool and longed for a boy to recognize my inner beauty and chose me for his one and only, lifting me out of the shadows of obscurity.  As an adult Gawain and the Lady Ragnell is my current favorite fairy tale, because in my adult like, my power to determine my own destiny and make my own choices has become increasingly important to me.  My husband is a true Gawain, in that he loves me in both bright and dark form, and has allowed me to direct my own destiny for the twenty years we have lived and loved together.  He is a wise man and a definite keeper.

Fill out the form below and tell us:

1 What is your favorite Childhood fairy tale or story?

1 Who do you relate to in the story and why?

1 How has this story or fairy tale played out in your life?


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