Luminous Sexuality

A Women’s Retreat where women can safely explore and heal the ambivalent and sometimes anguished relationship we have with our bodies and our sexual selves. Explore childhood and cultural messages about sexuality, permission, desire and what it means to be desirable.

women and desire

Using Gina Ogden’s healing and transformative ISIS model, we will explore the heart and soul of sex from a woman’s perspective. Drawing from the clinical work of Murray Bowen, Ester Perel, and Polly Young-Eisendrath, Tammy Nelson, and Hal and Sidra Stone, we will look at how to achieve deep intimacy, get the sex you really want, rekindle a fresh erotic fire in a long term relationship and become the source rather than the object of desire.

Learn about the archetypes of sexuality and which you have inhabited. Expand your sexual self confidence and connection with your natural sensuality by dialoguing with and exploring some new archetypal energies in a safe, supportive and playful way. Learn how every woman, regardless of age or appearance has her own luminous beauty, which emanates irresistibly from her archetypal depths.

women and desire

Luminous Sexuality

What is Luminous Sexuality?

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Every woman has a unique beauty, sexual essence, and sexual story that is all her own. It is every woman’s courage that shines through cultural, religious, and media messages about how we should express love, sex, and intimacy.

Luminous Sexuality means reclaiming our connection to authentic erotic experience. It means broadening definitions of what is acceptable, understanding that sex is more than performance, and knowing that our sexual energy is not dependent on having a partner. Our sexual essence is at the creative core of who we are. We can share it with a partner, or enjoy it as a force that can vitalize every cell of our being and inspire us to bring our gifts into the world.

The Luminous Sexuality Weekend provides a safe, gentle space for a small group of women to share their own experience. It is a time for telling your version of your sexual journey, without judgment. It is a time to bear witness to the stories of others in their struggles, deep longings, joy and ecstasy. You can talk, listen and learn as we uncover organizing principles for transcending fear, shame, betrayal and loss. It is a time for letting go of what has limited and constrained you and for claiming what will bring you life. It is a time for you to meet your “keeper of the inner flame” and open the connection between your body and soul, heart and mind.

Join us if you want to

Find new pathways to sexual healing, pleasure, and intimacy.

Discover what keeps you from realizing your capacity for pleasure and joy.

Experience living as a more sensually embodied woman.

Identify your primary sexual archetypes and expand your range of expression.

Balance sensual freedom with healthy boundaries.

Learn to navigate strong emotions and Negotiate an Inner Peace Treaty.

Reclaim your birthright of sexual wholeness.

Learn how to confidently communicate your desires to yourself and to a partner.

Nestled in a woodland area of Highland Lake, surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains,
Sanctuary in the Pines offers a perfect setting for this weekend of sexual healing and celebration.

Sanctuary in the Pines


Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty

Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty- Archetypes of the Feminine – Pre-Weekend Workshop $29

About Gina Ogden

Gina Ogden, PhD, LMFT

She is a sex therapist, teacher, researcher, author,and practitioner of ceremonial shamanism, with media appearances that range from talk radio to the Oprah Winfrey show. During over three decades ofpractice, she has listened to thousands of women express their feelings about sexual relationship and has trained hundreds of social workers, psychologists,sex therapists, and other health providers to view women’s sexual issues beyond the frame offunction/dysfunction into the realm of relationshipand meaning.

Her groundbreaking survey, “Integrating Sexuality and Spirituality” (ISIS), is the firstnationwide survey to investigate the multidimensionalnature of sexual experience. The results led her to create the ISIS model of sexual integration, which hashelped women (and men) of all ages find their own way tosexual expression that is deeply satisfying and lifechanging.

Gina’s internationally acclaimed workshops offer a safeand powerful place for women to connect with thewisdom of their own bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits.
Her latest books are Women Who Love Sex, The Heart &Soul of Sex and The Return of Desire.

To learn more about Gina’s work, her books and the ISIS model visit

Gina Ogden

Gina Ogden, creator of the ISIS model of sexual integration and Chelsea Wakefield, creator of the Luminous Woman™ Weekend
weave together a transformative experience for women in the stunning beauty of
Sanctuary in the Pines, a Blue Ridge mountain retreat.

“Gina Ogden explores a whole new landscape: the sexuality and sensuality
of healthy women ontheir own terms….she speaks directly to theheart of sexuality
in a way that women all overthe world will recognize.”

~Christiane Northrup, MD, author of
Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

Chelsea Wakefield, LCSW

Chelsea Wakefield, LCSW

She is a Jungian oriented psychotherapist,writer, teacher and retreat leader who works with individuals, couples, families, and groups.Chelsea has spent twenty years facilitating people inmoving beyond the wounds of the past, resolvinginternal conflicts, discovering
their core essence and living more vibrant, meaningful lives.

She draws from a wealth of clinical andtranspersonal training and has developed a method of inner work, soon to be published as Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty™. This innovative method has brought peace, balance and empowerment to many people
who were previously at war withthemselves.

Chelsea is the creator of The Luminous Woman™ Weekend, a threshold weekend of archetypal exploration and recreation for women who are ready to live into their luminous potential. Every woman can become luminous when she begins tohonor and trust herself, identify her unique beauty,

To learn more about Chelsea and her programs visit

“Chelsea Wakefield is an intuitive leader, inspiring, and engaging.
She gives us permission to be where we are but offers a roadmap
of vision and hope that leads
us to a new place.
Her work is healing, spiritual and thought provoking.”

~Marcia Caserio, MA creator of Great Life Healthy Aging N. Carolina