Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty™

Explore your inner cast of characters

Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty™  is a method of inner work that introduces people to their “inner cast of characters”. Each of us has a set of personal archetypes that underlie all of our behaviors and decisions and write the script of our lives. Through a guided process of discovery each participant comes to identify, name , converse with,  and gain a deeper understanding of their various “inner characters”.

Some of our inner characters cause us difficulty and are in conflict with one another. They have different values, priorities and do not always agree which agenda should be followed. Significant personal stress is created by these inner arguments,  and yes, we ALL talk to ourselves. Round Table work is a process where these inner conflicts can be surfaced, negotiated and creatively resolved.

peace treaty

The dialogue and negotiation exercises bring a host of realizations,  as participants begin to view themselves in a new way and connect the dots of their lives. Shadow work is an important component of Inner Peace Treaty work and our judgments and reactions to others are analyzed for clues to our shadow material. Dreams are used as a means of showing us unconscious life script material and shadow characters that sabotage our joy. Sometimes our shadow characters hold our greatest potential, but the right time and place for expression need to be found so that we can mine their gold.

Life long confusions get resolved for many people as they surface hidden needs and agendas. Increased compassion for self and for others is a natural result and the cultivation of a state of mindfulness can be carried forward and incorporated as a daily practice. Inner committees can be formed to address the challenges of life and new talents and abilities can be developed as we learn how to integrate new archetypal energies and incorporate new ways of being. This ability makes the vast spectrum of the archetypal world available as a resource for living.

The ultimate outcome of Negotiating an Inner Peace Treaty is self awareness, natural integrity, and creative empowerment. Practitioners state that they feel themselves anchored in a calm core of clarity and peace from which they can make wise choices and navigate any storm and opportunity of life.

Workshop  Format

The ideal format for Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty is a Friday evening through Sunday afternoon workshop. Chelsea has managed to do an overview of basic concepts in as little as 90 minutes in which workshop participants can carry away some valuable tools for self definition and conflict resolution.

Contact her regarding your interest and needs and she can custom tailor a program for you.

Couples Therapy and Teambuilding
The exercises in which people identify and define their inner characters (archetypes), and define their characteristics and agendas are have been used with great success in both marriage counseling and in cooperative team building. This involves looking at how your inner characters interact with the inner characters of your partner or coworkers.

Dialoguing with our Darkness
A popular application of Peace Treaty work  in church settings has been to look at Spiritual Shadow in a workshop called Dialoguing with Our Darkness. This workshop is often used as a Lenten Retreat, but applicable any time of the year. This program explores and addresses the underlying needs and agendas of inner characters that drive us into some of the darkest and most shame inducing behaviors. Reframing the seven deadly sins, looking into the nature of compulsion and addiction and discovering the gold in these shadowy realms is just the beginning. Many people, trapped in self condemnation and unable to experience themselves as someone God could love,  experience this workshop as transformative, redemptive, and profoundly healing.