The Dark Feminine

TheDark Feminine – Keynote speech and workshop.

shadow work

An exploration of the darker side of the feminine experience.  In this envigorating workshop of confession and redemption, women get permission to tell the truth about their experiences with the Dark Queen, Jealous Wife, Catty Woman, One Upper, Competitor,Dependant Girl,  Smothering or Devouring Mother, Witch/Hag, Dark Bride, Warrior Princess, Rebel Daughter, Siren, Whore, Scorned Woman, Insatiable Woman and the Wicked Stepmother.  Whew!  We have all encountered these fearsome energies in the women around us.  We all house these dark energies, but we disown them, civilize them, suppress them, and struggle to control them.  Occasionally, we use them to manipulate others to get what we want when nothing else has worked, or we are pressed past the point of no return and just “lose it”.  Many women experience shame when they realize that one or more of these archetypes is a Main Player at the Inner Table of their lives, which is why we hide and disown them, sending them into the shadow lands where they build energy and lay in wait.

Using the paradigm of Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty, we will begin to identify, dialogue and negotiate with these powerful archetypal energies.  As we shine the light of consciousness on them, we will learn how to house and relate to them in a new way,  transforming their dark energies  into new fuel for illuminated living. Every dark archetype holds it’s own gold and our personal struggles with them give us important information about hidden, undeveloped gifts and our essential soulprint.

Women and Desire:

A Women’s Retreat where women can safely explore and heal the ambivalent and sometimes anguished relationship we have with our bodies and our sexual selves. Explore childhood and cultural messages about sexuality, permission, desire and what it means to be desirable.

Using Gina Ogden’s healing and transformative ISIS model, we will  explore the heart and soul of sex from a woman’s perspective.  Drawing from the clinical work of Murray Bowen,  Ester Perel, and Polly Young-Eisendrath,  Tammy Nelson, and Hal and Sidra Stone, we will look at how to achieve deep intimacy, get the sex you really want, rekindle a fresh erotic fire in a long term relationship and become the source rather than the object of desire.

Learn about the archetypes of sexuality which you have inhabited.  Expand your sexual self confidence and connection with your natural sensuality by dialoguing with and exploring some new archetypal energies in a safe, supportive and playful way.  Learn how every woman, regardless of age or appearance has her own luminous beauty, which emanates irresistibly from her archetypal depths.