Medieval Mystics & Wisdom for Today

The Wisdom and Spirituality of the Medieval Female Mystics

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The common thread among the women mystics of the middle ages is their passionate love for God and their longing for an ever deepening encounter with the divine source of life. They differed in type and temperament, from fiery, prolific, Abbess Hildegard; tender, embracing Julian; the independent, industrious Beguines; the passionate poetry of Mechtild; the profound metaphors for prayer and the spiritual journey in the writings of Teresa of Avila. Each has something compelling to teach us about the spiritual journey and the life of the soul. Over the years, Chelsea has become a lay scholar of their lives and writings, traveling to many of the places where they lived and worked.

Hildegard of Bingen – Feather on the Breath of God

In Chelsea’s dramatic portrayal of Hildegard of Bingen, meet this remarkable 11th century nun and learn about her struggle to finally step into the fullness of her gifts and the development of her liberating theology of Original Blessing. Ideal for a Friday evening to Saturday retreat. On Saturday, explore Hildegard’s Quaternity as it applies to the themes of Passion, Inspiration, Replenishment and Grounding.

Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites

Chelsea is available to lead pilgrimages or provide program material for groups desiring to make a pilgrimage to the sacred sites of any of these remarkable women: Hildegard in Bingen, Germany, the Belgian Beguinages, Julian of Norwich, in England and Teresa of Avila in Spain. Contact her for details.

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