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I believe that relationship is at the heart of life – relationship with yourself, with others, with intimate partners, and with all of life.  No-one teaches us how to have fulfilling relationships- but all of us can learn and continue to learn. I’d like to help you to do that!

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The Couples Center

You can find Chelsea as Director of the
Couples Center at UAMS

Dr. Chelsea Wakefield, Ph.D., LCSW

I am a psychotherapist, couples therapist, author, educator, workshop and retreat leader.  I work with individuals, couples and groups.  My work supports people in moving beyond the limitations of the past, transcending the constraining stories we weave about our lives, accessing new potentials, and living more vibrant and meaningful lives.  Over the years I have trained with some of the great theorists of our time.  My training is in psychodynamic, Jungian, transpersonal, somatic and narrative, and cognitive behavioral therapies.  In recent years I have incorporated recent findings in neuroscience that show us how change actually happens.  People generally find me welcoming, compassionate and nonjudgmental, but I also challenge people to integrate the insights they are having into their lives outside the therapy room. 

As clients evolve new understandings about how their histories have shaped who they are, they begin to explore who they might become and create new narratives about their lives.  In doing this, clients experience a shift in their sense of identity, which allows them to interact with life more effectively and to respond from a different foundation.  Am I directive or non-directive…. well, I tend to begin with an exploratory approach, listening deeply, often beyond the words as clients engage in self-discoveries and connect the dots of their experience.  As insights occur, I will often more into a more structured mode where the client/couple and I co-create a roadmap that will integrate insights into real change.  One of the comments I have heard over the years is, “My last therapist mostly listened to me, you have actually helped me to change.”  

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