Dr. Wakefield has published two books with a new book on relationships due out in 2019 – sign up for my mailing list here to receive news about the publication date. Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty outlines a method of inner work that helps people name and get to know their “inner cast of characters,” which appear in the various roles and situations of our lives.  Learning about the inner cast helps people to understand themselves better, address underlying needs, and to resolve the inevitable conflicts that occur between different inner selves. Resolving these inner conflicts frees up life energy which can then be used to achieve one’s fullest potential.  The last few chapters of this book describe how to work with dreams and engage in shadow work.  These are practices that increase our understanding of ourselves and forward our growth into wholeness.

In Search of Aphrodite: Women, Archetypes and Sex Therapy builds on the work of Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty, helping women to define and understand their unique sexual essence, to heal a wounded sexual psyche and to transcend the cultural messages that constrain and limit their sexual experience and expression.  Exploring the many dimensions of a women’s sexual potential helps women to become self-defined, and sexually confident.  This enables them to bring their authentic sexual expression into a relationship and experience both meaning and pleasure. Click here to find out more about sex therapy.

The Luminous Woman® Weekend is a women’s weekend that encompasses Chelsea’s twenty-five years of discovery and work with women.  In a circle of supportive others, women explore different dimensions of being a woman, based on the work of Jung’s close associate, Toni Wolff.  During the weekend, women explore four foundational archetypes: the Mother, the Lover, the Warrior and the Mystic, defining their personal archetypal profile, and drawing in new archetypal potentials, accessing their deep wisdom and defining their unique beauty


In Search of Aphrodite

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“Engaging, Illuminating, Empowering!”
-  Peggy Kleinplatz

“This book tells you how to be a sexual being.”
- Ginette Paris

“A fascinating, enriching, life-affirming book! A picture of the road forward into Sexual Individuation.” 
- Sidra Stone

“Deftly weaves body psychotherapy and archetypal psychology into an experiential model that turns ordinary sex therapy into soul work.” 
- Macy Daye

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Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty

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“A real gift to anyone interested in finding out more about the many selves that make up our Inner Cast of Characters. Clear, thoughtful, and lyrical, it guides the reader along the fascinating journey of self-discovery, providing support and practical suggestions along the way.”
— Hal Stone, PhD and Sidra Stone, PhD, Creators of Voice Dialogue, authors of Embracing Our Selves; Embracing Your Inner Critic; Partnering; and The Shadow King.

Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty inevitably leads to greater peace and productivity in the outer world as well.  The exercises and insights offered here are profound, clear, and attainable for anyone.  I am particularly impressed with how this book presents a view of Jung’s ‘archetypes’ that is lucid, moving and transformative.”
— Jeremy Taylor, D. Min., Unitarian Minister, author of Dream Work;and Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill.