Individuation in Connection
Outlines five stages along the Roadmap of Relationships. She invites us to become conscious, creative agents in our intimate love relationships. As we move from Role Mates to Soul Mates we enter the journey of Individuation in Connection™. (Pricing includes shipping and handling. )



Reclaiming Eros From The Shadow Realm
Explores the shadow realm of sexuality and explains how the split between sexuality and spirituality developed. She suggests that while our modern world appears to be highly sexualized, it actually suffers from an Eros Dysfuntion. (Pricing includes shipping and handling. )



Archetypes of Sexuality
Based on Wakefield’s book In Search of Aphrodite and introduces her female sexual essence wheels - shadow and light archetypes that hold seeds of potential for healing, creativity and a whole new way of looking at female sexuality. (Pricing includes shipping and handling. )



Chelsea Wakefield’s 3 DVD Set.
Set includes Individuation in Connection, Reclaiming Eros From The Shadow Realm, and Archetypes of Sexuality. (Pricing includes shipping and handling. )



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