What Others Have Said about Chelsea’s Presentations
“Chelsea is an intuitive leader, inspiring and healing. She gives us permission to be where we are then offers us a road map filled with hope that leads us to a new place.” ~ M.C of No. Carolina

“Chelsea’s work is creative, compelling and captivating.” ~ SNS of No. Carolina.

“Her work with women is meaningful and significant, necessary for today’s society.” ~ CM of No. Carolina

“Chelsea’s presentations are lively, engaging and thought provoking.” ~ LR of No. Carolina

“She is clear, awakening, and generous.” ~ TS of No. Carolina

Couples Therapy

"We have been in couples and individual therapy with Dr. Wakefield since the early days of our relationship. We had both been in less than satisfying relationships in the past, and we knew we needed a different level of skills to create the kind of relationship we desired. Working with her has been one of the smartest decisions we have made. Dr. Wakefield has allowed us to know and understand each other on a much deeper level than we could have imagined, and has given us a set of tools that we utilize regularly. Our work with her has helped us build a beautiful, strong and loving foundation. We’re now happily married, and expecting our first child this autumn. We are so grateful for the work we have done and continue to do with Dr. Wakefield to maintain an incredible relationship. We recommend her with the highest praise." ~ Chris and Rachel Crimmins

“Following retirement, we found ourselves struggling to communicate, to reach consensus or even compromise without frustration and anger.  Each of us had developed habits and communication techniques that the other often found irritating and even threatening.  Emotional walls were erected, and lifelong love was draining away. This, after more than 50 years of marriage! We were miserable!  Then we were introduced to Dr. Chelsea Wakefield.  She helped us understand what was happening in our relationship, identified behaviors that triggered negative feelings, and showed us new ways to communicate and understand not only one another, but ourselves better.  Without Chelsea’s help, we are sure we would have continued in our misery, developing separate lives under the same roof.  Now, we understand how to value our differences, find common solutions, and our love is being rekindled.  Chelsea is patient, resourceful, compassionate, professional and committed to helping couples.  She sure helped us!” ~ T.A. and M.A. Texas

Individual Therapy

"Dr. Wakefield changed the course of my life.  If you have the opportunity to work with her in any capacity, take the opportunity.  What a wise, insightful, and skilled therapist!” ~ M.C. Hickory, NC  

“Chelsea Wakefield is the most skilled and intelligent therapist I have ever worked with. If I only needed to talk to someone, I have friends I could go to. She gives me so much more than that.  She helps me organize my thoughts and find words for my emotions.  She educates me on the psychology behind it all, takes my chaos and makes it clear and more peaceful for me. After all that I’m left with a plan to take into my life.” ~ C. L. Brevard, NC

“I take her words of wisdom with me every day of my life.  They live in my heart.” ~J.R. Asheville, NC

Luminous Woman

The Luminous Woman®- A threshold weekend for women ready to live from their deep wisdom, unique beauty and archetypal power.

“Last summer I attended the luminous woman weekend and it changed my life. To share with twelve enlightened women and to be taught by such a gifted and intuitive leader had a profound effect on me. I learned how to cross a threshold and begin to transform into the woman I am meant to be. What an amazing and exciting journey into wholeness Chelsea Wakefield has introduced us to. I recommend this weekend to any woman who knows in her heart and soul that truly there is something more.”~ PG – North Carolina

“One of the most amazing weekends I can ever remember. You created a space for us all to seek a deeper meaning for our lives and provided questions to ponder for a weekend and for a lifetime.” ~ M.N. of Virginia.

“Both empowering and inspiring. I returned with a renewed vitality that has permeated different parts of my life and enabled me to embrace this journey of mine with new energy.” ~ C.E., Georgia.

“I am so taken with the clarity of the model you have developed and the beauty and gentleness of how you presented it. I am struck by the strength of the image of crossing the threshold. It has already helped me change out of some of my old and outmoded energy for some invigorating surges of the new.” ~ MB of Virginia

Dr. Wakefield changed the course of my life.  If you have the opportunity to work with her in any capacity, take the opportunity.  What a wise, insightful, and skilled therapist!” ~ M.C. Hickory, NC